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4minute wears knee pads for their “Mirror Mirror” choreography

Fans may have noticed that 4minute have begun to wear knee pads as part of their outfits for “Mirror Mirror.” The reason for that is because the choreography for their title song had caused the members of 4minute to acquire bruises on their knees.

Last weekend, 4minute made their series of comeback stages, performing both “Heart to Heart” and their title song “Mirror Mirror.” Their comeback stage gives off a powerful and sexy feeling, which has come into conflict and resulted in both positive and negative feedback. The girls have already run into controversy for their “Mirror Mirror” choreography, during which they ‘spread their legs’ on stage.

4minute has been preparing for their comeback for months. To honor their hard work and protect the girls from acquiring any more bruises on their knees while performing the choreography, their stage costumes now include knee pads.

Posted Image

Source: Newsis via KoreaBoo


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