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Block B footage from Lotte World performance revealed

A little while ago, Cho PD’s agency revealed a short teaser for the debut of the upcoming boy group Block B. The teaser only contained Zico’s rapping and the vocals of another member, with the full song remaining unleaked.

However, a fan was able to record and upload a full version of their first track “Do You Wanna B?” when the boys performed on stage at Lotte World.

Cho PD revealed this upcoming group a few months back. It consists of 7 members who were all individually trained in writing songs and lyrics and were also trained by underground rappers.

They will be officially debuting with their first single “Do You Wanna B?” on April 14th. Both their music video as well as their album will be available that midnight. The group will start appearing on music shows from next week onwards, starting with Mnet’s “MCountdown” on the 21st.

Source: BB-CLUB and klklara via KoreaBoo


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