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WM Entertainment reveals second B1A4 member Baro

Just yesterday we revealed the first member of this new boy group B1A4, and today their company already decided to put out another picture. This time they unveiled member Baro.

A representative of WM Entertainment, the agency of B1A4, stated that Baro has worked on the raps for the entire album. It was also said that unlike his looks, Baro has a charismatic rap tone and exceptional skill in that area.

B1A4, the newest idol group to be added to the long list of upcoming groups, has an original way of teasing fans about their debut. They revealed their existence through an online comic series otherwise known as a “webtoon”. Even though fans thought this group would be co-ed because there was a female lead in the comic, only 5 main names and profiles have been revealed in the webtoon and on the site.

Their official site also revealed that they’ll be putting up pictures from the members every day from now till Friday. The next one to be revealed is Gongchan.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: Official B1A4 via KoreaBoo


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