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[Breaking] Jay Park announces album release date + teaser

Jay Park has just announced via his Twitter account that his album will be released April 27th. The teaser reveals a photo of Jay Park with his signature ripped body, showing off his multiple tattoos. The most prominent being his upper-back tattoo which reads, “Jaywalkerz”. The ominous title reads, “TAKE A DEEPER LOOK” which is no doubt an idea of what the new album by Jay Park will be about.

This is the first solo album that Jay Park will be releasing since his departure from 2PM and JYP Entertainment. It will showcase some of his more individual talents and feelings, as he has written the songs on this album. Working closely with his good friend, Cha Cha of AOM.

The title track will be called “Abandoned”, as previously announced, with other songs such as, “Touch The Sky”, “Don’t Let Go”, “Level 1000”, and “Bestie”.

Check out the poster below:

Posted Image

Source: @JayBumAOM via KoreaBoo


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