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Japan’s DJ Daishi Dance Strikes a Pose with Big Bang and Rainbow

Japan's DJ Daishi Dance Strikes a Pose with Big Bang and Rainbow

Popular J-pop artist, Daishi Dance poses with Korea’s Big Bang and Rainbow when he visited Korea to cheer on Rainbow’s stage performance.

Daishi Dance posted the photos on his official wed page with caption, “I am happy that girl group Rainbow is focusing on their comeback activities. I also met Big Bang.”

The J-pop artist visited Korea to show his support on Rainbow’s comeback stage on April 7 with song “To Me,” which was written by the Japanese artist himself. He proposed to collaborate with the girls after hearing one of their songs during a former visit to Korea.

He had also worked with Big Bang in the past, collaborating with the boy band on their songs for their third mini-album “Stand Up” including title track “Haru Haru.”

Daishi Dance, who has seen his own albums sweep several dance charts at home, is a well-known producer and composer of songs for other famous J-pop artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi, SMAP and Nakashima Mika.

source : GoKpop


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