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Miss A to Comeback in May?

Miss A to Comeback in May?

Miss A have been quiet when it comes to the music scene after their success with ‘Breathe’ last year. Various reports have revealed that Miss A is currently working on their next comeback to the Korean Music Industry.

Up until now, there hasn’t been any clear and direct reports about Miss A’s return to the music industry. Now, information pertaining to their impending comeback is slowly being revealed through other articles related to other activities the group are taking part in or reports that don’t center on the entire group.

Through the reports of their most recent appearances, it was revealed that Miss A was preparing for the release of their new album, which is being referred as a fulll album some of the time along with other individual activities. Also, on a series of articles about the recent wave of girl groups making their debuts and comebacks through out this month and the month of May. It’s been revealed that Miss A is preparing to release their album in mid_may with the help of some of Korea’s best produces, including JYP and E-Tribe.

Everyone remembers ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’, their debut song and produced by JYP, E-Tribe is widely known for SNSD’s mega-hit ‘Gee’, Hyori’s ‘U-Go Girl’, Super Junior’s ‘It’s You’ and many other tracks, they’re also the master minds of Dal Shabet.

The expectations for this comeback are high with all the pictures released via twitter showing Miss A members in practice rooms along with their new looks. Not to mention the recent opening of their facebook page and AQ Entertainment opening up their official twitters to show off the girls activities.

What do you guys think of Miss A coming back next month? Are you ready for their catchy tunes to stick to you once again?

source : GoKpop


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