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NS Yoonji reveals her 2nd digital single + MV “Talk Talk Talk”

NS Yoonji has returned to the music scene with a new look via her second digital single, “Talk Talk Talk.” In October 2010, NS Yoonji released her single “Time To Fly High” and introduced her title song produced by Brave Brothers, “Dance.” The title song has received a lot of lot from fans.

“Talk Talk Talk” was written by Joeun and Rhymer, and listeners can listen to the sweet voice of NS Yoonji in the spring like song. The refreshing melody in the chorus is very lighthearted with a bouncy rhythm.

Along with the digital single, the music video to “Talk Talk Talk” was also released. Taking a step away from the music video norm, an animated clay video was used to display the happy song.

What do you think of NS Yoonji’s recent single?

Source: TheKp0palbums and AsianDream2011 via KoreaBoo


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