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Rainbow Eunhye Suffering from Foot Calluses, Netizens Show Sympathy

Rainbow Eunhye Suffering from Foot Calluses, Netizens Show Sympathy

Recently, Rainbow released their full-length album “SO女” followed by their comeback MV “To Me” which has received a lot of praise from their fans. Photos of the members in the their waiting room has gotten a lot of attention, especially Eunhye’s scarred feet from dancing in heels!

On April 8th, Rainbow uploaded on their official Facebook fan page photos of them before their first broadcast stage. Members Jaekyung, Woori, Noeul and Hyung Young were sleeping which depicted exhaustion from working hard on their comeback performance.


In one particular photo, Eunhye is seen sitting down with her feet stretched out and covered with bandages! This was from practicing their choreography in high heels, which if not properly fitted could do some damage to the feet.

Now having their official Facebook, it is easier for fans to directly communicate with the Rainbow members, as well as send them their love. They left a message saying,

“Most grateful fans in Korea, as well as fans from around the world, being able to communicate and become friends is truly amazing and makes us want to ork harder. Thank you so much for your concern about us, please enjoy our future activities,”

Meanwhile, their new song “To Me” has climbed to the top of the charts on online music portal sites since it’s debut. Also, their incorporation of “The Black Swan” dance has been quite a topic too!

source : GoKpop


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