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TVXQ’s Changmin is sprayed with spit on “Heroes”?

On a recently aired episode of the SBS program “Heroes,” the participants were assigned the task of holding weddings for two married couples who had previously been unable to hold an official marriage ceremony. TVXQ’s Changmin and Yunho appeared as guest stars on the show, taking part as grooms for the additional wedding photoshoots alongside No Heungcheol.

Held to win the two brides’ approvals, the female participants of “Heroes” had to select their own wedding dress to wear for a photoshoot. To find a groom, the ladies had to gaze into the males’ eyes for five seconds, hoping to catch one of their attentions. At the end, the three males make their bride selection.

Shim Bongsun attempted to win over Changmin by staring deeply into his eyes, which is an important skill needed for a good wedding photoshoot. But when they locked eyes, she laughed so hard that she sprayed spit onto Changmin’s face. Their sputtering reactions caused the entire studio to break into shock and laughter.

Sadly, Shim Bongsun’s hope came crashing down when Changmin chose IU and her cute expression. Instead, she modeled in an all-girls wedding photoshoot with No Sayeon, Gahee and Jung Ga-eun.

What do you think of Shim Bongsun’s reaction? How would you have reacted if you had gazed into Changmin’s eyes?

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Sources: dongbangdata and tvreport via KoreaBoo


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