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4minute talks about their “Mirror Mirror” dance routine

On April 13th, the members of 4minute received an interview by Star News.

The five members talked about the dance of their comeback album song, “Mirror Mirror,” which received heavy criticism for its provocative dance. This is the first time that the members of 4minute themselves have commented on this issue.

The maknae Kwon Sohyun stated, “When the ‘spread the legs’ dance first became a controversy, we didn’t know that it was aimed towards us. We prepared and practiced the dance of ‘Mirror Mirror’ for a long time, not once did we think that it was provocative.” She smiled and added, “It’s unfortunate that the dance we practice for a long time became controversial. You can look forward to the revised dance, which is different.”

Nam Jihyun said, “Either way, I am thankful because this controversy means that people are interested in us. From now on, we will work hard on the modified dance.”

Kim Hyunah expressed, “Even though it was embarrassing, it was surprising how we received so much interest in our dance. People thought the dance should be changed, I think it’s good that we get to try something new.”

Jeon Jiyoon said, “The controversy comes from interest, so I think it is better than no response. I will think positively to this controversy, and it’s good that we will be able to introduce another performance.”

Heo Gayoon stated, “It’s been a year since we came out with a new album and it received a lot of attention in many aspects, so I think that this controversy is also an extension of interest. In this controversy, we gained strength through our fans.”

Source: Star News via koreaboo


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