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Chi Chi Selects Girls’ Generation as Role Models

Chi Chi Selects Girls' Generation as Role Models

Rookie girl band, Chi Chi, once again said they want to be like Girls’ Generation in the future and stressed that Girls’ Generation are their role models and that they really respect them.

When the girl group, Chi Chi, debuted last month, they said, “Our goal is to be like Girls’ Generation”, for which they have been misunderstood as pretentious.

To clarify this misunderstanding, Chi Chi once again spoke about their wish to become as successful as Girls’ Generation, this time stressing that Girls’ Generation are their role models rather than rivals.
The girls of Chi Chi said, “We respect our seniors, Girls’ Generation, and that was why we mentioned that we hope to be like them. We also said that we want to be loved by everyone, regardless of sex and age, just like them. Girls’ Generation are our role models and we would like to show our respect for them. They are a top idol group not only in Korea, but in whole Asia. They are role models to us who are lacking in many areas.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has been announced to return to the Korean music market in September.

source : GoKpop


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