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f(x)’s Victoria hints at comeback with a new update

Following the release of their concept photo teasers last week, f(x)’s leader Victoria updated her ME2DAY account with a new photo and message.

On the 13th of April, Victoria uploaded a new photo of her along with a message saying, “Hi! I’m f(x) Victoria. You’ve waited for us for a long time now, right? We’ll return to you soon with our first full-length album ‘PINOCCHIO’ which we’ve worked on hard. Wow! Even the thought of it makes me nervous. You really need to show us a lot of love. Have a nice day.”

Fans who have seen her update, immediately left comments such as, “I’m already looking forward to your comeback,” and “You look really cute with that cute wink.”

Meanwhile, Victoria will join the rest of the group as they start their official promotions next week, following the release of their new album on the 20th.

Posted Image

Source: 10 Asia via KoreaBoo


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