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IU and TVXQ Changmin’s Wedding Photos

IU and TVXQ Changmin's Wedding Photos

On April 10th, SBS’ ‘Heroes’ featured TVXQ members Changmin and Yunho who took wedding photos with the cast. While choosing the special bride-to-be, TVXQ had to look into each of the cast member’s eyes to see which member brings a reaction out of them. Surprisingly, Changmin fell victim to IU’s bright eyes and took a wedding shoot together!


Still looking very shy together in the photos, Changmin and his ‘little bride’ IU pose innocently next each other, exposing their abundance of youthfulness. With IU’s beautiful dress is almost twice the size of her, Changmin leans over her with signs of affection.


Yunho featured as Jiyeon’s husband in their photo shoot, and other cast members such as Seo In Young and Noh Hongchul had a chance to shoot with them as well!

source : GoKpop


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