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K-Pop Idols Helium Voice Compilation

K-Pop Idols Helium Voice Compilation

Idols have great voices, but when they play around with helium they are just adorkable. Take a look at MBLAQ, TVXQ, SHINee and Teen Top speak with the cutest voices ever.

Some idols are sweets, others strong or maybe mysterious but all of them are cute when they play with helium.

TVXQ made their fans laugh like crazy when they started acting like crazy and speaking nonsense while playing around with some balloons.

Take a look at these couple of clips that bring back the old days of TVXQ.

MBLAQ could not stay behind and tried to play with helium as well. Cheon Dung started with the madness, and when everyone thought Seung Ho was going to protect their image, he fell into the cute addiction, followed by Joon while Mir was only laughing at his hyungs aegyo.

SHINee can be synonymic of cuteness, but Taemin and Onew took it to the next level.

Also the new faces of the K-Pop have been attracted by this strange ritual, and the members of Teen Top played with helium as well.

So after watching the videos can you pick a favorite one, or all of them are just too cute?

source : GoKpop


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