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KARA’s Gyuri to Sing for ‘City Hunter’ OST

KARA's Gyuri to Sing for 'City Hunter' OST

KARA’s Gyuri will be singing for the ‘City Hunter’ OST to support Goo Hara’s acting debut in the drama.

The girls in KARA show love and support to each other, and that is why Gyuri decided to encourage her group mate for her acting debut.

We previously reported that Goo Hara would be making her acting debut in SBS’ ‘City Hunter’. A manager of the drama stated, “Park Gyuri will sing for the City Hunter OST. Besides Gyuri, we planned that Rainbow could do another song.”

‘City Hunter’ is a drama adaptation of the Japanese manga with the same title. Hara will be acting as the president’s daughter, and she filmed her first scenes for the drama on March 9th. This will be the first time she appears in a Korean drama. However, Hara is not unfamiliar to the acting scene as she has acted in the Japanese drama, ‘URAKARA’, with the other KARA members.

source : GoKpop


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