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MBC to Air ‘Dancing with the Stars: Korea’ in June

MBC to Air 'Dancing with the Stars: Korea' in June

Korea imports the popular dance show, ‘Dancing with the Stars’. MBC will start airing ‘Dancing with the Stars: Korea’ on 10th June; the celebrities to participate haven’t been announced yet.

MBC bought the rights and the format of the British TV program, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, and announced to start airing Korea’s version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in June.

A total of 10 Korean celebrities will participate in this upcoming show. Each of them will have a professional dancer as their partner to compete with the other pairs over the show’s 12 episodes.
The production crew of MBC’s upcoming ‘Dancing with the Stars: Korea’ hasn’t decided on who will be casted for the show yet. However, it has been revealed that currently celebrities from all areas, like sports, literature, entertainment and so on, are in talks. A representative of MBC said, “You will get to see celebrities you rarely see on regular variety shows.”

MBC will start broadcasting the dance program on 10th June.

source : GoKpop


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