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Photos released from filming of T-ara’s Eunjung and Qri’s drama “King Geunchogo”

We recently reported that T-ara’s Eunjung and Qri would be starring in a KBS TV historical drama called “King Geunchogo.” Photos from a shooting on April 11 have been released online.

Both Eunjung and Qri act as princesses in traditional hanboks with their hair tied back. Eunjung was able to utilize her third degree black belt in tae kwon do to make the drama’s fighting scenes easier.

In the drama, Eunjung plays General Jin Godo’s daughter, who is the future queen and wife to King Geunchogo’s son. In contrast, Qri plays a stubborn tomboy who suffers because of the age difference in her marriage.

“King Geunchogo” will begin airing on KBS 1TV Sunday, April 17, at 9:40 PM.

Posted Image

Do these photos make you interested in seeing the drama?

Source: SPN via koreaboo


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