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[110415] KBS2 Music Bank // Block B, NS YoonJi, Dal Shabet and more !

KBS Music Bank had quite an abundant of groups and solo singers perform on their show tonight. It saw the return of Lee Hyun with his next title song “Although You Said So,” and was accompanied by his friends, Mighty Mouth.

Two artists made their comeback stage as well with their new mini-album and single respectively, Dal Shabet and NS Yoonji. Dal Shabet recently released their 2nd mini-album “Pink Rocket,” and continue with their catchy songs produced by E-TRIBE. NS Yoonji, known as the cousin of KARA’s Jinyoung, released her single “Talk Talk Talk,” a bright and cheerful song perfectly fit for the spring season.

Rookie male group Block.B made their first debut stage tonight with their title song “Don’t Stop.” The group had switched title songs from “Wanna B” to “Don’t Stop.”

Other performers included CNBLUE with their hit “Inuition,” Rania with “Dr. Feel Good,” Brave Girls with “I Don’t Know,” Tony An with “Topstar,” Clover with “La Vida Loca,” Girls’ Day with “Twinkle Twinkle,” and more!

The two groups to compete for 1st place on K-Chart was CNBLUE and K.Will. CNBLUE won their triple crown for “Intuition” on M! Countdown last night, competing against 4minute and Kim Taewoo. This time CNBLUE and K.Will met at the top to battle out the evening’s winner.

Source : UnknownCarrot170 @ youtube


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