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4Minute has no complaints on modifying their “Mirror Mirror” dance

When OSEN asked 4Minute with regards to their feelings about changing some parts of their choreography for‘Mirror Mirror,’ the group immediately said, “I guess, it has become a problem because the emphasis of our dance isn’t really that part. The “mirror dance” should have had been the highlight but it has been overlapped with that part. Modifying that part of our dance won’t give a big change to our overall performance so overall, we don’t have any complaints about it.”

The hot debates caused the girls to feel very embarrassed. “For foreign artists, our performance and choreography would not be seen as ‘too sensitive’ at all so we really never imagined this kind of reaction. We practiced a lot over the last two months in preparation of our Live performances and we never thought that such controversy will spark,” the members explained.

“The photos that have been captured and posted in the internet were put into slow-motion. The moment I saw it, I felt shy and a little surprised,” one member honestly revealed.

Meanwhile, 4Minute revealed their first version of the modified choreography for the bridge part of the song‘Mirror Mirror’ on MNET in replacement of their “spread-leg” dance movement.

Source : OSEN, DailyKpop


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