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Big Bang sings a “Love Song” to VIPs on M! Countdown

Big Bang returned with two comeback stages tonight for “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song.” As promised, Big bang rocked it out with “Stupid Liar” and performed a more rock version of the song. The stage was set up so that it created the illusion that Big Bang was an actual rock band.

The hit wonders started out their comeback stage with “Love Song,” and showed fans and viewers that they are able to perform any type of songs. “Love Song” featured a more “relaxed” Big Bang that still managed to highlight their energetic charisma.

They proceeded with “Stupid Liar” and brought the level of energy up in the studio. What did you think of their comeback stage? Do you love it or do you love love it?

source : CrazyCarrotExtra @ youtube


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