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SHINee’s rap mentor JQ makes use of “Secret Garden” lines in new song

Rapper JQ has become a topic of hot discussion for using lines from SBS’ drama “Secret Garden” in his lyrics.

Parodies of “Secret Garden” have been popping up endlessly even after Hyun Bin’s enlistment. Ha Jiwon’s advertisement with singer Psy; K.Will’s “My Heart is Beating” music video, which saw IU and Lee Joon acting out the foam kiss; and Teen Top’s “Secret Dance”, are some such examples.

JQ’s new song “Don’t Leave Me Alone” includes the famed lines “Gil Raim, when did you become so pretty?” and “I’ve never felt this way, but I want you”, as spoken by Hyun Bin’s character, Kim Juwon. These lines appear in the rap as a witty parody of a man’s love for a woman.

Singer-songwriter Han So-a also participated in “Don’t Leave Me Alone”. JQ came up with the rather sensuous beat, while guitarist Go Taeyeong and bassist Park Sunjeol, amongst others, put together the group sound.

Rapper JQ is famous for being popular group SHINee’s rap mentor. He has previously worked as a lyricist for DBSK on “Our Game”; SHINee on “Love Still Goes On”, “Shout Out”, and “Get Down”; and Gil Hakmi on “Winter’s Tale”. He also gained some popularity through his duet with Daylight, “I Love You”, for MBC’s variety show “We Got Married”.

Source : Korea Daily, Koreaboo


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