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What is the relationship between Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won in ’49 Days’?

In the 10th episode of ’49 Days’ broadcasted on April 14th, psychiatrist No Gyeong Bin (Kang Sungmin) examined Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) for sleep walking.

In the process of receiving the examination, a scene where Song Yi Kyung dreams about her past with the Scheduler (Jung Ilwoo) emerged. In the dream, the two laid in the middle of a park enjoying music, and shared a kiss which gave off the appearance of a pair of happy lovers.

However, the viewers expressed great interest in whether Song Yi Kyung and the Scheduler were lovers or siblings.

From the scene, viewers can assume that the two were lovers in the past. But, in a previous episode, Song Yi Kyung took out a childhood photo of her and a young boy. His name was written as ‘Song Yi Su’ on the back of the photo. The similarities in their names gave off the hint that the two were siblings.

Many questions are left unanswered. In the recent episode, the Scheduler and Song Yi Kyung turned out to be former lovers, so then who is ‘Song Yi Su?’

Viewers of this broadcast said, “What is the relationship between Song Yi Su and Song Yi Kyung?”, “Song Yi Su is definitely the Scheduler… But he cannot be both the brother and the lover,” and “Maybe they have similar names because they come from an orphanage, so they’re not real siblings?”

Below is a clip of their kiss scene:

Do you think Song Yi Kyung’s lover and Song Yi Su are the same person?

source : Koreaboo, Mydaily, nihawmanini


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