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YoonA’s New Innisfree Promotional Images Released

YoonA's New Innisfree Promotional Images Released

A new series of Innisfree promotional images have been released featuring YoonA of SNSD.

On April 14th, the cosmetics line, Innisfree, releases a new series of images featuring their long-time spokes model Im YoonA of the nine-member idol group SNSD.

In the lovely pictorial, YoonA shows off her youthful, resilient skin while using Innisfree’s best-selling product “Green Tea Seed Serum”, which is promoted as a cream that will create a dewy and light-as-air complexion.

Because YoonA, along with the rest of her group mates, have been hard at work preparing for upcoming releases in both Japan and domestically, customers were impressed with the product’s positive effect on her skin, and this has created much buzz about its benefits.

Source : GoKpop, Osen, Innisfree


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