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[110416] MBC Music Core performances.

Tonight’s MBC Music Core is filled with comeback stages from Tony An, Dal Shabet, Kim Taewoo, and Rainbow. We also see the return of Lee Hyun, Big Bang, and Maya with their new title songs as well. The “Hot Stages” for tonight were performed by CNBLUE with “Intuition,” 4minute with “Mirror Mirror,” Infinite with “Nothing’s Over,” and Orange Caramel with “Bangkok City.”

CNBLUE is on a roll this week with “Intuition” as they have earned their triple crown on M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank.

K.Will and CHI CHI performed this week’s “Special Stage” with “My Heart Is Beating” with Sistar’s Bora and “Don’t Play Around”, respectively. Wheesung, Yangpa, LPG, Han Geuru, and The Crack also performed tonight.

What performance was your favorite? Did any particular stage stand out to you tonight?

source : CrazyCarrot270 @ youtube


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