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2NE1 Coming Soon !!

2NE1 Coming Soon

YG Entertainment once again teases fans. This time a picture saying, “2NE1 COMING SOON”, has been uploaded on the official of the label.

YG Entertainment uploaded the picture above on YG-Life. It says, “2NE1 COMING SOON”, indicating that there isn’t much time left until the girl group, 2NE1, is back to the Korean music market. Or is 2NE1 going to make their US debut soon?

Originally, 2NE1 planned to debut in Japan last month but due to the disaster there, the girl group’s Japan activities have been cancelled.
So 2NE1 concentrated on their cooperation with Black Eyed Peas member, will.i.am, for their English album. Just recently will.i.am revealed during an interview that this album was almost finished and that it is planned to make 2NE1 internationally popular.

So will 2NE1 be coming with their English album soon? Or does YG Entertainment mean something else? What do you think?

Source : GoKpop. YGLife


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