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2NE1’s Dara features Big Bang on her new me2day CF

2NE1’s Dara is set to direct her own me2day CF and has become a hot topic ever since the announcement. Recently, Sandara Park from 2NE1 was confirmed as the new model for me2day’s upcoming CF on promoting the social networking’s new campaign “Me, Today, Now.”

However, according to me2day officials, Dara not only acted as their new model but also took part in organizing and directing the content of the CF. The new clip featuring Dara was released today on me2day and continued to receive good responses after she featured Big Bang’s Special Edition Album on her update.

The social networking site also confirmed that they will continue to produce CF’s from some of their famous users.

What do you think of Dara’s me2day CF?

source : Koreaboo, Ohdara, nyxtim3


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