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Apink reveals tracklist for debut mini album “Seven Springs of Apink”

After revealing the jacket picture of their first album, A Cube released the full tracklist for the upcoming mini album of the new group Apink.

Apink’s members have already been revealed to the public through a variety of ways. The girls appeared in Beast’s music videos, and also received exposure through their own pre-debut show “Apink News,” in which different K-pop artists raised fans’ interest by promoting the group’s upcoming debut.

The new girl group will debut as the first band under the newly created A Cube Entertainment. A Cube is a subcompany under the well known Cube Entertainment, which houses artists such as Beast, 4Minute and G.NA.

The website of the upcoming group was recently updated with a countdown that is currently on D-3. They will begin promoting their title track “I Don’t Know” on next week’s music shows.

01. Seven springs of Apink (1:33)
02. 몰라요 (I Don’t Know) (3:42)
03. It girl (3:23)
04. Wishlist (3:33)
05. Boo (3:08)

Source: Koreaboo, YesAsia


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