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Kim Jongmin’s solo album comeback date announced


Kim Jongmin, who was dubbed “loyal guy” after he delayed his album’s release for “1 Night 2 Days” colleague Eun Jiwon, is finally making his own solo comeback.

A source from Kim Jongmin’s side told Newsen on April 13th, “Kim Jongmin will start performances for his first solo album at the end of this month. He’s extremely nervous as Koyote’s Shinji isn’t participating in this album, but he has spent a lot of time in preparation so I think he will do just fine.

“The genre will be dance music, which has already been established as one that Jongmin excels at, but with something new added to it. You will be able to see a new side of Jongmin.”

Previously, Jongmin had delayed his album release date as he was worried it would clash with Eun Jiwon’s comeback.

Source : Koreaboo, Newsen


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