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2PM’s “Take Off” Tops Japanese Music Charts

2PM's "Take Off" Tops Japanese Music Charts

2PM’s Japanese single “Take Off” has reached impressive heights so far, as it has ranked #1 on the USEN music charts.

2PM’s Japanese debut single, “Take Off” has reached the #1 position on USEN’s J-POP chart after its release on April 13th, marking the first time any Korean artist has achieved the top position on this particular chart.

A representative related to USEN stated, “USEN provides music for business throughout Japan, so to have a high ranking on their charts is a really good thing.” USEN Corporation is a company which provides music to convenience stores, coffee shops, music stores, and private clients as well, making it one of the nation’s largest facilitators of music.


“Take Off” also reached the top position on the musical lyrics website “Uta Net Mobile” chart. And as of April 17th, it will be available through the website as a ringtone and callback tone as well.

In regards to their sufficient success thus far, 2PM’s agency, JYP Entertainment has stated, “After their successful showcase in which roughly 25000 fans attened last December, 2PM continued their popular streak in February with “Mezamashi TV Super Live in Okinawa” and in March with “12th Annual Tokyo Girls Collection”. The expectations for their debut in Japan has gone up because of their performances, and we have achieved success because of this type of support. Thank you to all of those that have showed so much love and support for 2PM.”

In the meantime, 2PM is in the process of working on a new Korean album.

Source : GoKpop, TV Daily, Nate


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