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2PM’s full page advertisement in Asahi Shimbun

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It appears that promotions are running full steam ahead for 2PM’s Japanese debut! The official debut with single “Take Off” was originally slotted for May 18, but the audio track saw an early release on April 4. Fans were treated to a teaser of the MV, which is presumably scheduled to be released on the original release date, May 18.

Today, a full page advertisement was published in Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper, featuring a message from the boys regarding recent earthquake and tsunami events. The message reads, “2PM will continue to support everyone. We sincerely sympathize with everyone in affected areas. We pray for recovery as soon as possible. Everyone, continue to smile, and we will do our utmost as 2PM and for the events planned. We will do our best. And we will support you.”

The newspaper advertisement also promoted their “Take Off” Japanese tour, with particular focus on the upcoming “Take Off High Five” event on May 21. Fans who purchase “Take Off” albums will receive a postcard of a group member, and upon attending the event, will get the chance to high-five the member represented on their postcard. The event will take place at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall A.

source : Koreaboo, 2OneDay


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