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4minute Interviewed by OSEN

4minute Interviewed by OSEN

4minute was recently interviewed by OSEN regarding their group’s image, overseas promotions, and the controversy caused by their “Mirror Mirror” choreography.

Following their recent comeback, the idol group 4minute was interviewed by OSEN in regards to their feelings regarding overseas promotions, the image they wish to convey to fans, and the recent controversy surrounding the choreography for their new track “Mirror Mirror”. Check out 4minute’s interview with OSEN below:

The popular girl group 4minute made their comeback with their first full-length album ‘4minutes Left’, which marked a reinforcement of their femininity. Because of this, they have also begun to earn the support of male fans. This release marks the first time since the group’s debut that they have worn skirts and sang about love, such as in “Heart to Heart”. In response to this, the girls of 4minute wore big smiles as they said “Women have to look pretty, after all.”

HyunA: “The truth is that we actually don’t have a lot of male fans. Because we sported a military concept, and sang about finding one’s confidence, the response from female hands has always been greater. This time, we’re wearing skirts and our makeup is also gentler. During the first week of our comeback, we noticed more male fans at our performances. Those taking a break from their military service even came to our fan signing. Women have to look pretty, after all!”

Through “4minutes Left” the members displayed a more feminine and gentle image. Although they have already established themselves as a strong female group through their polished performances and powerful tracks, in this album, the girls wanted to show their charms to their fans.

So Hyun: “We have the confidence to say that we’re a group that shows music. We also have a good competitive spirit when it comes to display various things on stage. During the one-year gap that has passed, we monitored the fans’ opinions a lot. Because a lot of them said they wanted us to have songs that are easy to listen to and that they also wanted us to have a friendlier image, we picked the path that could meet their demands without ditching our color. We also wanted to hear that we’re pretty.”

Over the past year, 4minute has moved their group focus to overseas promotions in Japan, following in the footsteps of idols such as KARA and SNSD. 4minute is aiming to be a group which appeals to international fans based upon the high quality of their performances. And while the group’s impact has not been optimal as compared to the success of other Korea idol groups, 4minute is steadily gaining more notoriety in Japan.

HyunA: “There have been time where we became a little discouraged, and we thought about dancing in a cute way. But while other groups become popular for their cute image, I’m proud that we get to be a group that is known for projecting a unique image.”

Now, 4minute has become the topic of discussion – a “Hot Issue” at long last, due to the fact that they had to modify their dance for “Mirror Mirror”.

Ji Hyun: “We actually had six different versions of the ‘Mirror Mirror’ dance routine. Everyday, in training suits, we went to the practice room and worked even harder during practice sessions than we did for our debut. We watched a lot of foreign artists’ performances and, during the two months in which we spent practicing the choreography, we didn’t think it would turn out to be so controversial.”

In response, 4minute modified the inappropriate section of their choreography, and are currently carrying on their promotional activities. Although they had no qualms about changing their routine, they were worried that the public might have lost

Even if they’re okay with the fact they changed their choreography, they dreaded they might lose the public’s interest in their performance.

Ji Yoon: “We changed our dance routine, but please show us affection and be considerate. We will work hard.”

source : GoKpop


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