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Baek Ji Young Will No Longer Appear on “I Am A Singer”

Baek Ji Young Will No Longer Appear on "I Am A Singer"

The Ballad female singer, Baek Ji Young, decided to drop out from the tv program – I Am A Singer. The reason behind this has attracted a lot of attention.

Baek Ji Young turned down the offer to appear on the tv program “I Am A Singer” as she wanted to focus on making her album.

Star News made an interview with Baek Ji Young’s agencies and said that “Baek Ji Young will be making a comeback in May and will be releasing a new full-length album after 2 years. In order to focus on the new album, she had no choice but to decline the offer of appearing on ‘I Am A Singer.’ This issue has been discussed with the producer of the show.”

According to Kim Younghee, the Producer of the show, others leaving too areKim Gunmo and Jung Yup. Kim Gunmo decided to leave the show on his own while Jung Yup was the first one to be eliminated.

Aside from that, there will be 3 new singers to join in the new episode scheduled to air on May 1st.

source : GoKpop, Star News


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