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G.NA and Brian Joo battle it out for…a man?

On a recent episode of “Quiz to Change the World,” G.NA and Brian Joo entertained the guests with a verbal battle in English over a man. The two North American-born singers engaged in a feisty battle as G.NA began with “I cant’ believe you would do this to me!” to which Brian, who is now speaking as a woman, flamboyantly replied, “Oh psht, that man is my man.”

Throughout the battle, Brian seemed to winning as G.NA was left flabbergasted by Brian’s hilarious remarks. Ultimately, Brian’s tactics won as G.NA said, “Ok, enough” and ended the verbal joust between them.

However, everything was done in good faith as Brian later praised G.NA for her beauty and skills after G.NA sang a ballad and danced to Ivy’s “Aha.” Brian said, “This is my first time meeting G.NA. Whether it’s vocals, looks or English G.NA has no downfall.” and “G.NA is beautiful. Please give me your phone number.”

Check out the hilarious battle below!

Source : Koreaboo, CodeAnalysisSeason4 and Newsen


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