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Jay Park to return to Korean entertainment as idol, singer-songwriter and actor

The former leader of 2PM, Jaebeom (now more commonly known as Jay Park) will finally be making a return to Korea, not just as an idol singer, but as a singer-songwriter. Earlier in the year,Koreaboo went through the timeline of Jay Park from the day he left Korea to where he is now. We also took “a deeper look” into Jay Park’s new album, reviewing each of the songs as well as what the new album would be about.

Now, with just 10 days until his album drops, fans, as well as general K-Pop fans, are focusing their attention on the fact that Jay Park is not only coming back to Korea as an idol, but rather as a singer-songwriter. Jay Park has produced his new album with AOM member Cha Cha, writing all the lyrics to his songs and being directly involved in 6 out of 7 of his new songs.

With features like The Quiett, dok2, Cha Cha and even Kang Min Kyung from Davichi, this new album is very highly anticipated.

However, something even more highly anticipated than the new album by Jay Park, is the promotions he will be pursuing on various networks. Although he released singles such as, “Count On Me”, “Bestie”, and “Speechless”, he has yet to participate on variety shows and music shows since his departure from 2PM.

This time around, he has been confirmed to be on KBS’s Music Bank starting on May 6th as well as MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo. It will be just a bit over 1 year and 8 months since his last appearance on any Korean show.

Excluding these shows, he will also appear on KBS Joy’s “Lee Sora’s 2nd Propose” as well as MBC’s “Dramatic” in which he will be on the pilot episode.

Fans may be satisfied with just a new album and appearances on shows, but Jay Park seems to be wanting it all. Not only will he be returning as a singer but also as an actor. SidusHQ, the company that he has signed onto, specializes in actors and actresses, and have numerous house-hold names in their roster.

He will be participating in the movie “Mr. Idol”, and of course the much anticipated movie, “Hype Nation”, which is set to air sometime this year. Jay Park has also participated in MV stories such as 5Dolls’ new track. He will also be in the upcoming movie “Happy Together”.

Are you looking forward to Jay Park’s comeback into the Korean entertainment scene?

Source: Koreaboo, Frontier News, @16mika


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