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MBLAQ’s Seung Ho Knitting Abilities plus Lee Joon’s Plane Punishment

MBLAQ's Seung Ho Knitting Abilities plus Lee Joon's Plane Punishment

On the last episode of Sesame Player Seung Ho revealed a secret ability, while Lee Joon suffered a cute punishment.

Seung Ho is a strong leader who always scares the members with just one luck, but he has a secret ability. On the episode we can see him knitting, and he is quite good at it. According to him his grandmother thought him how to do it, but his grandfather was against it. He continued by saying he could not even step into the kitchen, but he always eats. Also he said that he will be a good husband and knit a scarf for his wife.

On the other hand, Lee Joon had to perform ‘Y’ without music on plane as a punishment. He looked really embarrassed, but was able to give a great performance for the lucky passengers.

Finally, as a bonus we see Seung Ho and Cheon Dung bowling, but you need to check the video below to know who was the winner.

source : GoKPop, mlipuffycheeks @ youtube


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