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ZE:A’s Kwanghee shows his honesty for Maxim Korea

Recently, ZE:A has been promoting their latest track, “Here I Am.” A couple weeks ago, ZE:A member Kwanghee received an ankle injury from practicing for their promotions. Thankfully, he has been able to participate in their activities.

Additionally, Kwanghee completed an interview for Maxim Korea’s April issue. His interview topic was not too happy, as he answered questions about death and his place in ZE:A. His answers were surprisingly honest.

Check out the transcript of the interview below. What do you think of the topic of the interview and his responses?

Q: How would you like to die?
A: Me, dying? I would like to die after repenting all of my sins at church. This is a different image from what you thought about me, isn’t it?

Q: You mentioned before that the company told you not to reveal the truth about the plastic surgery you had. Was the company president angry when you revealed it during a broadcast?
A: Fortunately, he wasn’t very angry. I thought that in a situation where people didn’t know me, it would be boring whatever I said. I confessed the truth about the plastic surgery and my singing abilities at that time. If I had tried to hide that truth, it would have turned into a burden instead. I liked to talk about my surgery before debut too. The surgery went well, so it’s alright.

Q: What did people around you tell you?
A: People around me said, “[It] seems like you can be honest even in front of the camera.” They were really surprised when I talked like that.

Q: Do you have anything that you couldn’t give up even if you had to die?
A: I couldn’t give up Foundation. BB cream is too weak for me.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say before you die?
A: No, I have said everything already.

Q: Even so, think if there really isn’t anything you’d say.
A: Actually, I would reveal all the female celebrities I dated and die after that.

Q: Have you dated a lot of female celebrities already?
A: No I haven’t. I won’t die in the next 24 hours, but when I die later, it’s possible that I will have dated some female celebrities before that, right? People will be curious, and I will be able to tell them before I die.

Q: Soon, ZE:A’s first full album will be released. Is your part a bit longer? In “Mazeltov” your part was just 6 seconds long.
A: During the new title song, I stand in the center for two out of the four choruses. The caring members and the company gave me the opportunity to be in the center of public’s attention during that time. I will show the warm image while being naturally wild as well.

What do you think of his interview?

Source: Koreaboo, Empire Children, Hwang Kwanghee


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