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SS501 Kim Kyujong poses for “Goong” musical

Koreaboo reported that SS501’s Kim Kyujong would be replacing TVXQ’s U-know Yunho in the musical “Goong.” The rumor has since been confirmed by the production company of the musical, Group 8.

Kyujong replaces Yunho and will be playing the role of Prince Shin for the Japanese production, which is set to air between June 11th thru July 1st at the Minamiza Theater in Kyoto.

Group 8 has revealed promotional images of Kyujong dressed in his princely outfit for the musical. This is the first time that the musical “Goong” has hit Japan borders, and it is also the first time it has travel overseas for show.

Kyujong said, ““It not easy trying to fill the shoes of other actors who have played the role of the prince. Right now, I know I still look a bit awkward donned in the garment of crown prince, I promise to show you my own unique version of Prince Lee Shin.”

Currently, Kyujong is the only SS501 member that hasn’t or isn’t planning to release a solo album this year. Heo Youngsaeng will be releasing his debut album next week, Kim Hyunjoong will be releasing an album in June, Park Jungmin recently released his mini-album, and Kim Hyungjoon is currently promoting his debut mini-album.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: 10Asia via koreaboo


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