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T-ara as New Models for iRiver

T-ara as New Models for iRiver

Announced on April 18th, the members of T-ara will be featured as the newest models for Asia’s popular MP3 brand, iRiver.

Through their modeling campaign, T-ara will be releasing teaser advertisements, holding events, fan meets and various other activities later this month.

T-ara was chosen for their lively and colorful personalities to endorse this product geared towards the ages of 10~30. Because the members vary in their ages, iRiver reps felt that this characteristic will strengthen their image and is expected to have a positive effect on their sales.


The Director of Sales and Marketing responsible of iRiver Korea had stated,

“T-ara’s charm and allure goes well with iRiver’s stylish products which is why they were chosen as models,” “Utilizing their colorful personalities, each T-ara member will draw in consumers through their variety of activities.”

source : GoKpop


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