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2NE1 Minzy’s ten commandments revealed

A list of ten commandments that 2NE1’s Minzy wrote as a trainee has caught the spotlight.

On April 18th, Minzy uploaded a photo of it on her personal Twitter, together with the caption: “From the diary I wrote in as a trainee. The ten commandments I came up with… so funny ><“.

The photo shows a note written in tiny penmanship, titled “Gong Minzy’s 10 Commandments of Training ~ ♡”

The note goes: “1. During practice sessions, concentrate and train confidently; 2. Hold your position silently; 3. Aim high; 4. Always keep an open mind.”

It further states: “5. Greet others with a bright attitude! (Be polite); 6. Check concepts during practice and in photos meticulously. 7. Put in more effort in things I’m not good at (lessons, training, et cetera); 8. Instead of being the best, just try my best; 9. Become stronger every time things go wrong; 10. Pray to the Lord and turn to Him when performing.”

Netizens have commented “Thanks to these 10 commandments, 2NE1 has managed to come this far~”, “The maknae is so mature!”, and “Sensible maknae! 2NE1 fighting!”

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Source: TV Report


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