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[Breaking] After School reveals second teaser photo featuring “Orange Caramel”

After School will be making a comeback after one year of hiatus with new member E-Young. The group will release their first studio album titled “Virgin” after making waves with their song “Bang!” in March, 2010.

Yesterday, we reported that Pledis Entertainment released the first teaser image of the “Fourth Generation” member E-Young. Pledis will unveil new images of the members from the “youngest generation” to the “oldest generation” until April 21st.

Now, Pledis has released the the 3rd generation members, Rania, Nana, Lizzy (also known as Orange Caramel)’s teaser picture.

As After School is a rotation group, there are many “generations” of members within it. Gahee, Jooyeon, Jungah and Beckha form the first generation; UEE is the sole member from the second generation; Raina, Nana and Lizzy make up the third generation and most recently, E-Young makes up the fourth generation.

Pledis stated, “After School will shed their traditional style and display a beautiful side of themselves.”

“Virgin” will be officially released on April 28th. Check out the teaser below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: SPN and Pledis Entertainment


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