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Nine Muses to Make a Comeback?

Nine Muses to Make a Comeback?

Nine Muses member Eun Ji recently alluded to a comeback through a recent Twitter update.

The rookie idol group Nine Muses has been on hiatus for nearly half a year thus far, but it seems that the nine girls may make a comeback in the near future, as member Eun Ji recently hinted to a return through her Twitter account.


Eun Ji impressed fans with her tri-lingual post in Korean, Japanese, and English, and peaked their interest in a possible comeback to the music industry after a slight controversy earlier in the year.

This past February, news began to circulate that members Bini, Rana, and Lee Yu Ae Rin may possibly be leaving the group. Speculations were furthered when member Bini wrote on her Minihompy blog, “I am no longer red haired, or a singer anymore.” However, Nine Muses’ agency, Star Entertainment, has clarified, stating that the three are simply taking a break in order to pursue individual interests such as modeling, and have not permanently left the group.

Although there has been no official confirmation of neither a Nine Muses comeback nor further information regarding Bini, Rana, and Lee Yu Ae.

source : GoKpop


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