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SM Entertainment artists to perform at K-pop concert in France

The expansion of the K-pop craze has left no lack of international fans. All around the globe, K-pop fans are clamoring for their favorite artists to come and visit their country, and it seems like France has a K-pop concert of its own to look forward to this summer.

A French association named Korean Connection began a project a few months ago to organize a K-pop concert in France for 2011. The goal seemed somewhat implausible: France had seen appearances and showcases, but rare were concerts in France. That is not to say that there is not interest in France for the K-pop artists, however. In fact, in 2010 when f(x) filmed their MBC “Koala” show, there was an impromptu fan meeting in front of the Eiffel Tower when the girls were spotted, recognized, and followed by French fans! The dedication and high level of interest from the French due to growing global integration has conveyed that the French definitely have a large thirst for a taste of the musical cuisine that is K-pop.

Thus, a few months after Korean Connection began its project, over 8,000 people had subscribed to their Facebook homepage and actively promoted the project in hopes of attracting some of their favorite artists from the K-pop scene. Their efforts seem to have been successful.

In April, the Korean Connection homepage announced that there was to be a K-pop concert in Paris. The concert will take place on June 10, at le Zénith de Paris, one of the largest performance halls in Paris. The evident honor and adoration conveyed to the K-pop artists was enough to secure such a building, in which many famous French artists have performed.

So which Korean entertainment company is looking to show its artists’ international fans some more love? It is none other than SM Entertainment!

The president of Korean Connection issued an official statement declaring that SM Entertainment has decided to send some of its artists to France. It is still unannounced as to what group or groups SM Entertainment will send, but already, French K-pop fans are excited and ready to welcome the artists!

It appears that K-pop companies are starting to follow a trend and take notice of international fans. Cube Entertainment collaborated with Koreaboo to bring its global auditions to North America and host a G.NA showcase in Vancouver. SM Entertainment held its SM Town Concert in LA and made it onto the Billboard chart for an extremely successful turnout. JYP Entertainment has the Wonder Girls touring the US; 2AM has previously opened for the Wonder Girls during their tour. YG Entertainment has just opened a poll for fans to bring Big Bang to a concert near the fans’ area.

It is the era of globalization, and K-pop fans hve readily taken that connection to grow closer to their idols and learn more about the music. The fans’ interest is not going unnoticed, and it appears that fans are now receiving more recognition for their input with major entertainment companies in K-pop.

Source: Kome-World via KoreaBoo


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