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Wheesung attacked on stage during performance

Fans are upset at the recent security breaks during performances and live concerts after hearing that Wheesung was also the target of an attack, just days after Taeyeon was grabbed by a mystery man. The man was revealed to be just a student and due to this, SM Entertainment decided not to press charges against him. Fans are left wondering whether or not this will increase attacks, as people will feel that there are no consequences to their actions.

Now, it’s been revealed that Wheesung was also attacked during his live performance. Wheesung’s company revealed that, “a man went on stage and attacked Wheesung. He considered it a minor incident and completed his performance calmly.”

This incident happened on his performance during the song, “With Me”. The man attempted to kick Wheesung during his performance.

However, his company was extremely upset at the incident, not downplaying it at all, saying, “Thankfully, he was not injured. However, we didn’t receive any apology from the broadcasting company in charge of the performance. It was a big event and we are left wondering why security was not tight. Singers all over are having their safety compromised because of this sort of environment.”

What are your thoughts? Do you feel security is too relax? How do you feel that companies should deal with these assailants?

Posted Image
Check out the video of the performance below:

Source: Sports Today and MrJungjihyung via KoreaBoo


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