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Wonder Girls’ quotes featured in “Paper” magazine

American magazine “Paper” recently featured Wonder Girls on their April “2011 Beautiful People” issue, and on April 18th, they revealed more photos and quotes from the Wonder Girls on their official online website, Papermag.

The magazine reveals that the girls’ extra photos and quotes were just “too fabulous not to share,” giving fans an extended interview with Yeeun and Yoobin. The two revealed their thoughts about having to start over in the U.S, their motivation to continue, and how they felt about their fame.

When asked what it takes to be a Wonder Girl, Yeeun revealed, “We believe that everyone can be a Wonder Girl, if you believe in yourself and really dream about something. It’s not like we have super powers, or are super talented or super beautiful, super pretty, but we have passion and we believe in ourselves,” showing her great determination and sincerity.

Yeeun also expressed that they all knew coming to the U.S was going to be a brand new start. She stated that they had fun and felt a little more free, since everything was given to them in Korea, and now they had to get what they wanted themselves.

Yoobin mentioned that all of the girls had a hard time being in the group for the first years of their career. As teenagers who suddenly became very busy and felt like they were missing out on other things, they discovered upon coming to the U.S that this career was what they really wanted to pursue in life.

Meanwhile, the girls were also featured on the May issue of Teen Vogue and named one of the “six up-and-coming music acts to watch”, but their photo shoot for the magazine has become the center of discussion by netizens and the media. Great discomfort has been expressed for what they are calling Wonder Girls’ new concept.

Take a look at the extra photos from Paper magazine.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Posted Image

Source: Papermag, Teen Vogue, Newsen via KoreaBoo


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