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[Breaking] After School reveals 3rd teaser featuring “UEE” for “Virgin” album

After revealing teasers for Yi Young (E-Young), Lizzy, and a group photo of Orange Caramel, UEE’s teaser photo has been revealed. UEE’s teaser revealed an innocent, yet sexy woman smiling with a blue megaphone in her hands.

UEE is dressed in white frilly skirt that reveals her long legs and stripped black and white shirt. Her figure is shown, even while she is sitting down, and the image shows her healthy and charming, yet innocent side.

Netizens have shown a hot reaction to her teaser. It has been a year since After School has released an album and participated in activities as a group. Fans are highly anticipating their return.

However, After School’s concept has yet to be revealed and has many wondering what the concept is.

After School’s first full-length album, “Virgin,” will be released on April 29th.

Posted ImageSource: Sports Seoul via KoreaBoo


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