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CNBLUE reveals cover for “First Step + 1 Thank You” + tracklist

CNBLUE have had a successful run with their first title track, “Intuition,” off their first album “First Step.” “Intuition” has taken over many charts on and offline, and even swept music shows with triple crown on M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank, as well as one Mutizen award on Inkigayo.

The group also released a limited edition of “First Step,” which was sold out on its first day. Now, it has been revealed that CNBLUE will be releasing “First Step + 1 Thank You” on April 26th, which includes a new cover album.

In addition, the music video teaser for “Love Girl” will be released on April 22nd. “First Step + 1 Thank You” will include additional tracks, including a re-arranged version of “Love Girl,” “Try Again, Smile Again,” “Don’t Say Goodbye,” and “Keuraeyo.”

Source: CNBLUE’s fb via Koreaboo


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