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Dal Shabet’s Subin faints on stage

Dal Shabet’s Subin recently fainted in the middle of a performance. Due to SNSD Taeyeon’s recent incident, in which she was dragged off stage in mid-performance by a university student, Subin’s fainting incident has been caught late by both Korean news media and netizens.

On April 19th, an online community board posted a video of Dal Shabet’s Subin falling on stage. This video was taken last March in Kwangju where the group was performing during a concert. Subin is seen having a hard time keeping up with the choreography, as well as singing, and eventually collapsed mid-performance.

Dal Shabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, said to Newsen on April 19th regarding the incident, “At the time, Dal Shabet’s Gaeun was out due to her knee injury, therefore the stage was performed only by 5 of the members. Subin’s personal schedule overlapped with her schedule for album activities, and she collapsed from overwork. She was sent to the hospital afterwards for rest.”

Dal Shabet have just released their second mini-album, “Pink Rocket.”

via KoreaBoo


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