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Flowsik thanks Aziaddicts for their support

We previously reported that Nicky Lee and the rest of Aziatix released a video thanking their fans. Flowsik has also recently released a video thanking Aziaddicts for their support.

In the video, their title song, “Go,” can be heard playing in the background. He also thanked fans for their drawings; specifically, an Aziaddict that drew a picture of Flowsik. He stated that he saw the picture on his birthday, April 5th, and when he saw it, it really made his day. He jokingly continued, “It actually looks better than me in real life.”

Their producer and composer, Jae Chong, also made a special appearance in the video. It was revealed that Aziatix is actually in the middle of recording a new song and he enthusiastically claimed that it would be a hot track, referring to it as “fire” and “flamethrower.” Flowsik then promised that the fans wouldn’t be disappointed.

Flowsik is a rapper reigning from New York City who has worked with artists such as Decipher, J.Reyez, Dumbfoundead, Snackychan, Johnnyphlo, Jay Park and Ailee. He was also featured in JYJ’s “I Love You” from their debut album, “The Beginning.” He also performed at the first Kollaboration New York.

Aziatix will have their debut performance in New York City on Saturday, April 30th. They will be performing at the well known Asian night club, Circle Night Club, who has hosted events featuring other entertainers including JYP, Wonder Girls, Se7en and Brian Joo. The club opens at 10PM and gets crowded fast, so if you’re 21 years old and over and want to attend, make sure to get there early.

What do you think of the video? What are your impressions of the artists? Are you excited to see what Eddie Shin might say to the fans?

source : KoreaBoo


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