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f(x)’s Victoria for Estee Lauder

f(x)'s Victoria for Estee Lauder

f(x)’s Victoria was recently featured in a promotional campaign for Estee Lauder’s new “Pure Color” lipstick, which will go on sale next month.

Victoria effectively displayed the product’s eye-catching pigmentation and alluring shimmer with enthusiasm, as she claims to be an avid fan of the brand.

It was said that regardless of the shoot carrying on longer than planned, Victoria tirelessly worked with the staff in order to come up with poses that perfectly express the qualities of the lipstick.


As a result of her effervesce and love of the product, Estee Lauder decided to take two of the 35 different colors, “Berry Fizz” and “Bermuda Pink”, and combine them to create “Victoria Pink”, a unique lipstick that fits the duality of Victoria’s “romantic” and “sensuous” image.

Check out the promotional video for Victoria’s Estee Lauder “Pure Color Lipstick” below:

In the clip, Alex Cho, Estee Lauder’s global make up artist, stated, “Victoria’s vibrant and lovely image gives her the ability to express a wide variety of sensual and mature charms. She also has beautiful lips as well.”

source : GoKpop


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