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Netizens compare Lizzy’s makeup from image teaser to Kabuki performers

After School Lizzy’s makeup on the recently revealed image teaser for After School’s comeback full-length album, “Virgin,” has been under severe criticism by netizens.

After School have begun to release image teasers for the members and began with the new member, E-Young (Yi Young) and was followed by the sub-unit, Orange Caramel, with a solo teaser image of Lizzy.

Lizzy’s image teaser showed her in a knitted outfit and looking up as she sat on a bed/couch. While at first glance, one may think that Lizzy’s makeup looks fine, netizens have a different opinion. They have compared Lizzy’s makeup to Kabuki performers, who wear very elaborate makeup.

Netizens commented, “Lizzy’s aegyo is gone,” “Please return Lizzy,” and “Where is Lizzy behind that Kabuki makeup?”

However, not all netizens have made negative comments towards the teaser. Some have left positive comments such as, “Lizzy looks like a real doll, I’m curious as to what After School’s concept is,” “I waited for a year for them and they look different!” “I am fully expecting After School’s comeback.”

After School’s first full-length album will be released on April 29th. What did you think about Lizzy’s makeup?

Source: Expo News and Newsen via KoreaBoo


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